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Author Think Tank Meeting - Get Advice and Help on how to market your book

Mastermind Zoom Think Tank Sessions
2nd Thursdays - 7:30 PM (EST)

Monthly Support for as little as $14.99

Your opportunities are directly related to your network.  Held once per month and on every second Thursday of the month, these Market Write Now Think Tank meetings are for serious authors who see themselves as a small business.  We’ll talk strategy, book covers, websites, marketing, editing, revenue and more.  Get personal advice for your brand from a forum of authors and experts.  As this project is a collaboration between RSJ Convention, Diverse Writers and Readers International, and the Market Write Now brands, you never know who knows who and who in the room can help you get to your next level or your next promo opportunity as we help brainstorm you and your author business.


Feel free to introduce yourself, bring any topic to the floor to discuss, and let’s all brainstorm you and your business. Isn’t it great to not be alone trying to think out all the details by yourself? And that’s the beauty of the Think Tank.

Author Mastermind Think Tank for writers and publishing industry businesses

Every 2nd Thursday of the Month:
7:30 PM (EST)

2nd Thursdays

Join the meeting per month. Pay for one meeting and join the group as needed.  Meeting are on the 2nd Thursdays of each Month.

$ 19.99


Make a quarterly commitment and save. Get a 3 month subscription to the Market Write Now Think Tank meetings now at $16.99 per month.



Make a six month commitment and save. Get support and build your network at an averaging of $14.99 per month.  Get Subscription now.


NOTE:  Those who register for Think Tank Sessions will receive an RSVP zoom link for

the monthly private meeting within 24 hours or less.

Supporting your journey every step of the way.

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What Authors & Artists Are saying

Ms. Thornton is one of my mentors, and she has been very supportive in helping me finish my book. I truly appreciate that she is available to brainstorm with me and is a sounding board to talk through any roadblocks in developing my stories.
Roe Braddy
Author and Playwrightr
Karol, you are a lifesaver! Thank you for helping me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your expert web design skills and patient social media training have helped me realize some significant goals. I could not have done it without you. You create a comfortable space for me to ask questions and to learn. I have come a long way in understanding and working with the new technologies, thanks to you. I know I still have a way to go, but I'm much more confident that I can get there. It's all because of your expertise and your belief in me. I am deeply appreciative.
Charlotte Forté-Parnell, Ed.D
I recently had a consultation with Karol Jarvis regarding the cover for my upcoming book. Karol is amazing and has a wonderful eye for details. She also took the time to research the genre to assure my cover fit into the look, yet maintain a unique and eye-catching quality to the overall finished product. This will be the second book in my series and Karol had excellent suggestions for updating the cover of the first book so it fits with the new branding I created for the series. Her suggestions helped define my vision for the cover enabling me to give the cover artist that supports my brand a clear definition of what I'm looking for in the final product. Karol's input was valuable and I know that I will be pleased with the final product! What can I say but Karol ROCKS!
Author Saharra Sandhu
Saharra Sandhu
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